Iconic Movie Jackets We All Want

Iconic Movie Jackets We All Want

Over the years many iconic images have been created by characters in movies. What they wear seems to represent who they are and what they stand for. The most stand-out item of clothing? Is always the jacket that they wear.

We have three very distinctive jackets in stock at Great British Teas which have all become stars of the screen as well as the catwalk. Deep down we all want to channel our inner James Dean, or Phil Daniels Jimmy in Quadrophenia into our day to day look. After all, each of these classic jackets have the power to make you feel like your own hero as soon as you pull it on!


The Harrington Jacket


Harrington JacketSince the 1950s the Harrington jacket has held star billing in fashion and on the silver screen. If you want to picture the inherently cool style of the Harrington, it’s has to be James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. The red jacket and white t-shirt combination is stylish, yet causal enough for any rebel. You can also add Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Jason Statham and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, to the Harrington-wearing club, and who doesn’t want to be a member of that gang?

Our Harrington Jacket is available in 11 unique colours and 9 size options. Choose your look!


The Parka Jacket


Parka JacketIf we’re talking Parka jackets, movies, and iconic styles, we have to mention Quadrophenia. The classic Mod style of Parka jackets over a sharp suit has been enduring and saw a resurgence during the 90s Britpop era, but in reality the Parka never goes away. It may have slight restyling from time to time, but that classic shape still typifies British youth culture in its sheer style and practicality.

Our Parka Jacket is available in 5 different colour options and 4 different size options. Get your iconic parka jacket


The Bomber Jacket


Bomber JacketIf you relate more to the Mod’s street opponent, then your badge of honour will be the bomber jacket. Like other fashion icons, the bomber was adapted from practical military uniform before becoming a global fashion staple.

Marlon Brando knew a good thing and can been seen wearing bomber jackets in many of his early movies: On the Waterfront and a Streetcar named Desire as well as The Wild One. Steve McQueen followed suit, wearing his brown leather bomber jacket in The Great Escape. Creating an altogether different look was Ryan Gosling in the 2011 film Drive. White satin embroidered with a scorpion, his bomber jacket showed how the bomber jacket can be updated.

We offer the classic Bomber Jacket in Black or olive and 5 size options. Get yours here!

Whichever movie icon you relate to, these jackets have all captured our imagination and deserve their place on the silver screen as well as the wardrobe of man wanting to make a statement. If you can’t put yourself in your favourite star’s shoes, you can still put on their jacket.

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