About us


Great British Tees is an independent online stockist of MOD, Ska & Soul and Skinhead printed clothing and apparel and was born from a passion of classic Italian scooters & British sub culture style.

We specialise in vintage, indie and retro styles of fashion and accessories, whether it’s the classic British Harrington jacket, classic bomber jacket, or your original Parka coat. Our aim is to deliver high quality products internationally with excellent service and great value for money.

Your favourite printed design from scooters and union jack flags to music related tees celebrating ska, reggae, two-tone and northern soul. Whether you’re a MOD, skinhead, rudeboy, suedeboy, casual or scooterist, Great British Tees will have the threads you’re after!

All our T-Shirt items are printed on demand. This means when you order from us your order is printed to your exact specifications. This may mean some items could take 7-10 days for delivery, but we always ensure that if there are any longer delivery times, we will work to reduce them so you receive your item as fast as we can ship it!

 Manufactured in the UK.




Please ensure you contact us with any questions or issues regarding your order or delivery and we will work to resolve it right away.